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2010-05-06 20:58:02 by AceBobcat

I love you man


2010-02-28 00:02:15 by AceBobcat

I can tell I have my mom's "I can't stand people" gene because we went to Ihop, and I had this major headache, when I left, it was gone.


2010-02-15 23:09:39 by AceBobcat

Hey pretty lady with the high heels on. You give me fever like I've never ever known.
(hee hee!!)


2010-02-09 23:58:12 by AceBobcat

still waiting for approval from the audio portal guys.

Don't try to blam a game because you suck at it.

Ever since the last post.

2009-10-19 03:53:32 by AceBobcat

Ever since my last post Tara and I had broken up.
I just wanted to plug my youtube channel.

Ever since the last post.

My gf

2008-11-30 01:04:39 by AceBobcat

I went to visit my girlfriend Tara today, she's doin' alright. WE just hung out, watched the tube, made out a little bit...too much info...anyway, It's 12:02 now, and I'm just bored. GO TO SLEEP! I can't, I'm too tired to sleep...That doesn't make sense? To me it does. I've gotten to the point where I'm so tired, but I still wanna stay awake.